Landlinien exhibition at Kunstforum Soziale Skulptur München, Freie Internationale Universität, Munichxhi

4th-29th May 2010

Invitation "Landlinien" exhibition, Munich 2010

The gallery on Augustenstrasse 45, Muenchen

4th-29th May 2010

24 Hours on Sunshine / 24 Stunden Sonnenlicht.

4th-29th May 2010

Fumerola / Blue Berg / Berg Hoppers / Big Melt / Purple Berg / Ice Fire

4th-29th May 2010

Iceberg / Eisberg

4th-29th May 2010

Cool Running

4th-29th May 2010

Berg / Wind / Cool Running

4th-29th May 2010

Siren Berg / Big Wind / 230 km/hr

4th-29th May 2010

Rise Up

4th-29th May 2010


4th-29th May, 2010

What's on in Munich art scene.

detail: Floating World

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World Drawing Day. Be in it!

Drawing Day 2009

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